Seasons Home Staging
Seasons Home Staging

    It’s a new season and you've made the decision -- it's time to SELL YOUR HOUSE.  But now what?  Is your house ready to put on the market?  Let Seasons Home Staging come in and transform your house to sell.   We add value to your home by staging it so that it appeals to a greater population of home buyers.     You want to get your home sold quickly and for the best price, so home staging will be the most important decision you will make as you prepare to list your home!  Staging homes helps them sell faster & for a better price! Home staging in Charlotte is becoming the standard in getting your home sold!  Statistically, staging your home will get your property sold 80% faster and for an average of 10% more.   We pride ourselves in getting your home ready to sell for the maximum return on investment and assisting you in moving forward into a new season of life.

    Why Stage Your Home?


    Prospective buyers make a decision on whether or not the home is "right for them" within minutes of walking through the front door.  Staging your home for the first impression is crucial in today's demanding real estate market.  Why leave that first impression to chance?  Let us get started transforming your home to get it SOLD!


    • Increases market appeal & competitive advantage. 
    • Staging enhances property value.
    • Buyers pay more for a move-in-ready house than a less expensive fixer-upper. 
    • Reduces your risk and maximizes earning potential on your 

    No Time to Lose!

    Let's get moving! Give me a call, get your home staged and get it SOLD!

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